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International cooperation in space

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Herb Alpert - U.S.A. 2 Al Hirt - U.S.A. 3
Just Jamming - U.S.A. 4 Riverdance - IRELAND 5
FANTASY LAND 6 L. Pavarotti - ITALY 7
Goya / Farba - POLAND 10 RUSSIA / UKRAINE 11
Rock bands - PERU 12   Various - PERU 13
Mecano/Mocedades - SPAIN 14 Various - LATIN 15
Shakira - COLOMBIA 16 Selena - TEX-MEX 17
New Orleans - U.S.A. 18 David Bisbal-Diego Torres- SPAIN 19
disco - AUSTRALIA 20 kids disco 2 -AUSTRALIA 21
Captain & Tennille - U.S.A. 22 Pablo Ruiz - ARGENTINA 23
Various - BRAZIL 24 S.Winwood - ENGLAND 25
Hot Chocolate - ENGLAND 26 S.AFRICA / GERMANY 27
Goya/Mathieu - FRANCE 28 BEATLES - ENGLAND 29
Outkast - U.S.A. 30 El Puma/D'Leon/Davila - VENEZUELA 31
Celia Cruz - CUBA 32 HUNGARY 33
Elvis Presley - U.S.A. 34 Rock & Pop - Selection 1 35
U.S.A & RUSSIA 36 Rock & Pop - Selection 2 37
Andre Rieu and orchestra - Holland 38 Turtles - G.Roots - G.Lewis 39
Culture Club - ENGLAND 40 The Swingle Singers - FRANCE 41
G.Puckett - Hollies-S.Wonder 42 G.Who - Steppenwolf - Stones 43
Daniela Romo - MEXICO 44 Petula Clark & friends 45
Melissa - PERU 46 Loredana Berté - ITALY 47
AQUA - DENMARK/NORWAY 48 Magneto & friends - MEXICO 49
Eurhythmics - ENGLAND 50 Laura Pausini - ITALY 51
Celine Dion - CANADA 52 Elena Presti - Raff Martella - ITALY 53
Nubeluz - PERU 54 Applegirl - KOREA 55
Tibet, CHINA 56 Ukraine folk music 57
Amazed visitors discovering Peru 58 The Beach Boys - USA 59
Cecilia Bracamonte -  PERU 60 Juan Luis Guerra y la 440 - Rep.Dominicana 61
Music from BOLIVIA 62 Monkees - USA 63
Randy Rhoads - USA 70 Jose Feliciano - Puerto Rico
Marvin Gaye - USA 72    
OUTSIDE LINKS:   Valentina Shevchenko 100
Olympic Games 2008 - CHINA 101 Bruce Lee 102
End Times ISRAEL 103 Motorcycle champ Rossi 104
Cute animals & giants 105A   105B All-time boxers 106
Best Russian subway stations 107 CNN correspondents 108
Actor Charlton Heston 109 Miss & Mrs.Universe - Miss World 110
The Titanic & The Huascar 111 Science & Space Exploration 112
Gorgeous vacation cottage in N.Y. 113 Exquisite Japanese food in Peru 114
Actress Cameron Diaz 115 Political humor 116
Jokes and humor 117 Scarlette Johansson 118
Modern inventions 119 Claudio Pizarro's best football 120
Jesus Christ movie 121 Bananas 122
Museo Aeronáutico del Perú 123 Blessed Virgin Mary apparitions and messages 124
Peru en videos 125 Andean music show 126
The friendship of two countries
Obama-Garcia meeting
127 Tu Zona Virtual 128
Aviation pioneer and peruvian hero J. Chavez 129 The Story of the Incas & Machu Picchu 130
Peruvian car racer wins international tournaments 131  Thorougbreds/Latinoamericano 132
Andean Glow slide-show 133 Inca Kola girl 134
Carlusha's space 135 Standing Watch 136
El nuevo presidente del Peru 137 Brigitte Bardot 138
Paolo Guerrero 139 Anna Kournikova 140
  Peruvian military 141 Surfing Safari 142
Farfan 143 The best Italian-Peruvian recipies by Deli-Peru 144
Comparing educational systems around the world 145 A few extra pounds 146
The Peruvian dream 147 Astronaut Neil Armstrong 2012 interview 148
  The best guitar player in the world 149 World's last chance 150

MORE GREAT MUSIC IN MIDI FORMAT                                

heaven   Help
invent8-piano  Chopin
lifeis   Clock
around the world
cartoon heroes
my oh my
I Want Your Love
Aqua-Good morning sunshine
Never ending story
heart     Fantasy
joyce  Jammimg in America
BesameMucho   Alexia
Meu Amor
O Amor Vem a Nos
Madonna-The Power of Goodbye
Cher-medley  jump right 
stand-by me
tonight   Cocorito
long  Isn't she lovely

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More great music: Aqua-Good Morning Sunshine  Link to Dave Raney  Raban link  mec
Abba: The winner takes it all  SOS  Boomerang  Take a chance  D.Queen  Born to make you happy
Don't ask me why    Brown eyed lady    Bailamos-Enrique Iglesias    Love Story-Titanic  More nice music


Some of the places I've been! from Matt Walker on Vimeo 

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Alborada & Charlie  George Harrison  Faustina  Live Catholic-TV, click here
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